About d'Itexis

Founded in 2001, Itexis's mission is to assist final customers in implementing a global solution to Load Stress Testing and Application Monitoring. The AppsLoad® and AppsMon® suites developed by Itexis use a innovating methodology which provides a way of anticipating, simulating and determining the bottlenecks of an application infrastructure by virtualisating users. AppsLoad® and AppsMon® provide performance metrics and graphic analysis to facilitate corrective measures and follow-up of the application quality of service. Itexis is known in industry for its expertise and competencies and counts among its customers, several dozens of major market leaders.

Itexis is Grand Price winner 2004 for its technologies and solutions, rewarded by the French Senate and INRIA (French National Institute for Research Computer Science and Control).

Our competencies

Itexis positions itself in three main activities:

  • Product Sales
  • IT Service
  • Training

And addresses the following fields particularly:

  • Development of tools for Application Load Stress testing
  • Development of tools for Application Monitoring
  • Thin Client architectures including "Citrix Access Suite" and "Microsoft Terminal Services"

Our targets


Our customers are large accounts but also small and medium business enterprises, software vendors (proof of concept), value added resellers and integrators.


Our technology addresses the projects which touch with any evolution, even minor, of application infrastructure (new application, more users, migration of version or operating systems, etc). This starts from the Proof of Concept and ends with Application monitoring once they have gone to production

Our assets

Itexis proposes a global and innovating solution for Load Stress Testing and Application Monitoring, thus has developed at the same time a suitable methodology and original tools.

We partnership with the major actors on this market but we stay independent of the Software Editors and Hardware suppliers. This independence brings us the necessary objectivity to answer without bias to our customers expectations, and advice them to the most just on their strategic choices

Our historical ties with the Software Editors and Hardware suppliers enable us nevertheless to answer more easily the technical requests of our customers, by implying them if necessary, once made the strategic choices