Application monitoring (QoS)

Smart tool for application monitoring

  • Measures end to end application response time.
  • Simulates user actions from different points of the infrastructure. 
  • Identifies application issues around the clock (in production).
  • Alerts application managers via email, snmp traps, syslog, etc... 
  • Includes snmp MIB requestable from all supervision tools on the market.
  • License business model per agent (no limit in term of protocol supported, number of measurement points, number of scenarios, etc...)

Current Version : 4.1
(SQL Server 2008 any version)

Request for "AppsMoon for Windows" demo software


How AppsMon works

  • The user records the scenario and determines the reference time.
  • The virtual users play the scenarios from any place in the corporate IT infrastructure 
  • The response time drift is computed automatically from the reference time.
  • Application errors are pointed out, a screenshot screen is taken. 
  • Test graphical context on a continuous basis.
  • Adapts the scenario execution speed to the system contraints in real time.

Unique and innovator algorithms to script smart and reliable scenarios

  • Form recognition to to find an image regardless where it is on the screen, no adhesion to colors and small image distortion
  • Detection and Windows objects hierachisation for a better scenario reliability.
  • Characters recognition (OCR) and value capture for a use later on the scenario.

Form recognition (image changes in colors as well as in size).

Clear and immediate graphical analysis and alert management

  • Status for each single scenario (green, orange, red).
  • Playback time versus reference time. 
  • Delay for each scenario 
  • Transaction and action generating an error.

Centralized management with a real time view on remote sites

  • Real time view on scenarios
  • Centralized scheduling management
  • Scenarios pushed to remote sites
  • Scenario properties modification on the fly
  • Automatic and centralized version update from the management console to remote sites