You can download and use the software AppsLoad®s and AppsMon® free and with no commitment for 15 days. However, to evaluate AppsLoad®s and AppsMon®, you will need to ask us for an evaluation license key thru the proper eval Form. A Computer Hardware Fingerprint will be asked in order to activate the product.

The downloaded versions are fully featured. The product will work for a period of 15 days after activation.

  • Predicts user-specific system performance problem.
  • Solve performance issues before they occur when in production.
  • Loads and stresses any type of application (Client/Server, Citrix/TS, Web client)
  • Identifies bottlenecks (number of users, number of applications, LAN/WAN, etc..)
  • Measures from end user perspective. application from end to end. 
  • Foresees performance application issues.
  • Supports any type of architecture (Client/Server, Citrix/TS. Web client).