Monitor application response time and load stress testing from the client side

Some good reasons to use the Itexis technology

Discriminating factors

  • Non intrusive agent
  • No scripting, just record and play
  • Compute application response time
  • Genuine user perception perception
  • Network protocol independence
  • Work on any infrastructure type (Client/Server, Citrix, Web, etc)

Customer benefits

  • Easy to setup and easy to use,
  • Test done at the last minute
  • Metrics provided  reliable and factual
  • Users/IT communication on same referential
  • System failure forecast eased
  • Very short learning curve
  • Compatible with lots of supervision tools.

Welcome on Itexis Web site software editor focused on end to end performance analysis of the application infrastructure from a user perspective, that is performance during tests campaigns before application rollaout (Load Stress Testing) and performances around the clock once the application has gone into production (QoS).

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