Load Stress testing

  • Predicts user-specific system performances problems
  • Anticipates problems before they occur
  • Simulates application behaviour under stress 
  • Identifies bottlenecks
  • Manages the load stress campaign from a central location
  • Supports lots of virtual users
  • Pushes its metrics to the Microsoft Performance Monitor 
  • Can be either purchased of rented

Version actuelle: 3.3.3
(SQL Server 2005 only or Express)

Request for "AppsLoad for Windows" demo software


Smart load stress testing tool

  • The user records scenarios and determines time references. 
  • Virtual users replay these scenarios.
  • Application response time drift is computed automatically from the reference time
  • Tests graphical context on a continuous basis. 
  • Adpats the scenario execution speed to system contraints in real time. 

Clear and immediate graphical analysis

  • Number of agents playing a scenario
  • Average delay
  • Maximum delay
  • Standard deviation
  • User actions generating delays


Extensive variable management

  • Management of variables for each single scenario
  • Local variables (for one agent) or global variables (for all agents)

Interface with Microsoft Performance Monitor

  • Pushes its own delay counters to the performance monitor for correlation with system counters.
  • Performance counters logging.

Centralized administration

  • Remote agent mamagement for test campaigns 
  • Scenario deployments
  • Increase number of users by step, etc..