About Itexis

Founded in 2001, Itexis’ mission is to help end customers implement a global approach to application quality of service and load testing.

Itexis was rewarded for its technologies and solutions by the Senate and INRIA (National Institute and Research in Computing and Automation) by obtaining the Grand Prix.

The AppsLoad®, AppsMon® and AppsTiming® suites developed by Itexis use an innovative methodology that anticipates, simulates and determines the bottlenecks of an application chain.


The versatility and universality of the algorithms used can support all Windows applications and all infrastructure (Client / Server, Thin Client, Citrix, RDP / RDS, Web, 3270/5250 emulation, etc.) ) and with the same technique, thus reducing the learning curve.


Itexis remains convinced that the measurement of application response times on user perception is particularly important key information in deployment projects in the “Cloud”. User satisfaction with an understandable repository by everyone remains a key element in evaluating DSI performance and efficiencies.

Our areas of expertise

  • Software sales
  • Services
  • Training
Our strengths

Itexis offers a global and innovative approach to Quality of Service testing and analysis. Ila company has developed both a methodology and appropriate original tools. It works in partnership with the significant players in this market.

Our targets

These are end customers (large accounts + SMEs), IT services companies and integrators (added value in service offers) and publishers / manufacturers (proof of concept).

Serge Levi
Co-founder / CEO

Serge Levi is the co-founder and CEO of Itexis. Since 2001, Itexis is known as a software publisher providing monitoring and monitoring solutions application response times on user perception . Innovative technologies have been developed in particular around Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition . They allow to recognize Windows events on the fly and calculate a time marker. Supporting all Windows applications , the algorithms developed by Itexis have been developed into different products for load tests ( AppsLoad® ), for a 24/7 application supervision ( AppsMon® ) and real-time monitoring when the user is surfing their app ( AppsTiming® ). Itexis solutions are used by more than 200 customers across 5 continents and in all market segments.


Prior to Itexis, Serge Levi held responsible positions as general manager l in various IT companies , mainly specialized in setting up infrastructures complex .


Serge Levi has a Dauphine / INRIA doctorate in Computer Science (data analysis) and an MBA from INSEAD .