Developed by Itexis, AppsTiming© is a “real time” supervision  software which supports all Windows applications.

A new approach :

Calculates response time of apps in “real time”- directly on the user’s station.

Identifies application malfunction when the user “browses” his app.

Determines the duration of a transaction (Windows events to start and stop the timer) and - at the same time - saves the CPU, the memory and the disc of the user’s station.

Supports all OS Windows, all Windows applications any type of type architecture (Client/Server, Citrix/TS, client Web, Mainframe, etc.).

AppsTiming® is certified and

Advantages of AppsTiming©



  • Provides very much informationon the application chain
  • “Real time” response time is calculated directly in the work station
  • No dedicated PC, no associated scenarios or maintenance
  • Single point of monitoring and deployment in mute mode
  • Precisefeedback of apps response time
  • No code
  • Invariantgraphic resolution and color

A newapproach

  • AppsTiming© is configurated to start and stop a timer on a Windows graph
  • Deployment of agents is carried out in mute mode (user intervention is not required)
  • Algorythms of artificial intelligence and shape recognition are used for a simple, intuitive and codeless solution.

Speaking the same language as the user

  • Application response time is calculated the same way as user perception is
  • Gives the userfeedback indicating delays in response time and/or unavailability of the app
  • Calculates time of Windows log on (or others…)

In a nutshell

  • The results that are obtained are those that are seen
  • Response time calculation in “real time”
  • Deployment in mute mode
  • No scenario, no maintenance
  • Supports all OS Windows and all applications under Windows