Developed by Itexis, AppsMon© which – all day long – supervises any Windows application. It provides application response time based on user perception.

A new approach :

End-to-end measuring of response time of an application chain based on user perception

Identifies any problems – all day long (availability, delays in response time) in the production environment.

Calculates response time in transaction situations (sequence of user actions)

Provides a coherent repository comparable over time and easy to grasp to all concerned (DSI, final users, etc..)

AppsMon® is certified and

Advantages of AppsMon©



  • All the active components are prompted
  • Application supervision of various sites and comparison of their response time
  • An alert is sentvia mail or SNMP trap whenever response time slows down or the application is unavailable
  • Single point of monitoringfor scheduling, visualizing the scenarios, dealing with remote agents, etc..
  • No particular skill is needed : the scenarios are saved in “Excel macro” mode
  • Supports all Windows versions (desktop and servers), all applications under Windows, any type of architecture (client / serveur, Citrix/TX, Web, Mainframe, etc..)

Single point of monitoring

  • A unique console to control, monitor and supervise all of the AppsMon© infrastructure
  • The scenarios that are executed on remote sites can be visualized in real timeand it is possible to interfere with the remote machine in “pseudo RDP” mode
  • A powerful scripttool that allows you to see – in one glimpse – the synopsis of the scenario and to add to it, “off line”

Scoreboards that are easy to interpret

  • A report of businessapps is available across all remote sites
  • Comparisonof response time from remote sites to uncover any malfunction
  • Alerts are sent in case of app unavailability or a delay in response time along with a screenshot of the error

In a nutshell

  • Simple and fast learning curve(scenarios are saved as an Excel macro )
  • No skill needed: the intelligence is carried out via AI and shape recognition
  • Application response time is measured from the graphic interface (What we measure is what the user sees)
  • No code is installed on application servers(no “pollution of server performance)