Unique and innovative algorithms for identifying events on the GUI

Itexis software is able to recognize graphic events on the fly and therefore put a time stamp on user actions and calculate an application response time based on user perception.


  • Shape recognition for images when they appear on the screen
  • Recognizing Windows objects and building their trees as a background process
  • String recognition
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms widely used to educate Itexis software to keep up with application changes over time

Advantages of such technologies

Technologies developed and used by Itexis software allow easy and universal use


  • No specific language
  • Solutions without code
  • Saving AppsMon © and AppsLoad © scenarios the same and in the “Excel Macro” mode
  • Graphic events and image recognition (resolution and color invariant) done on the fly
  • Support for all Windows OS (desktop and / or servers, 32 or 64 bits)
  • Support for all applications running on Windows and all types of infrastructure
  • No code installed on application servers
  • Solutions natively compatible with future Windows OS
Pattern Recognition

Shape recognition algorithms can automatically find an image that appears on the screen regardless of its position and even if the resolution and / or color have changed compared to the image of reference.

Management of Windows objects

Using Windows objects brings reliability and robustness to the scenarios. The algorithms that we use build the tree structures of the objects during recording, as a background process. During scenario execution, the algorithms wait to identify these same Windows object tree structures to continue user actions.

Character Recognition

Itexis software is able to recognize the display of a particular string of characters to continue the execution of the scenario. It is also possible to recover this string of characters for reuse in the ongoing scenario or in any other.